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About Flash Devices Company

FLASH is a technology-driven company committed to adding value to the lives of traders in the informal retail market.

Using their smart technology Traders are able to offer greater convenience to their customers.

To become a FLASH Trader purchase a FLASH device from one of their partner stores, FLASH Kiosks or download the FLASH Trader App to get started.

FLASH has administrative offices, in Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg.

They have a central distribution center in Johannesburg with a supporting warehouse in Cape Town.

They also have a regional presence across South Africa ensuring efficient and regular service to our Traders.

FLASH is a division of the Pepkor Group.

Their Vision

  • For everyone to get the things they need in their community.

Brand Value Statements

  • They use technology to provide opportunity and convenience to the community.
  • They offer innovative products that are beneficial to all stakeholders.
  • They provide a trusted and effective distribution system for utility partners.
  • They make the flow of money easy and safe.

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